What You Need to Know About Logitech Computer Peripherals

Founded in Newark, California in 1983, Logitech International S.A. is a multinational manufacturer of computer software and computer peripherals. Its headquarters is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Some of its most popular products include gaming software, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, speakers and headsets.


Founded in 1976, Logitech is a technology company that designs, manufactures and sells computer peripherals. It has a product portfolio that appeals to gamers, designers, engineers, and other technology enthusiasts. Throughout the history of the company, Logitech has redefined its marketing strategies to reach new audiences and has increased its product portfolio.

During the early 1990s, demand for Logitech products skyrocketed. Its success led the company to change its business model and reduce production costs in order to compete in the mass market.

Logitech has expanded its product portfolio through acquisitions. It has acquired companies such as Blue Microphones, Mirial, Saitek, Streamlabs, and Slim Devices.

Gaming software

Whether you are using a new Logitech G gaming mouse, or have one of the many older Logitech devices, Logitech Gaming software can help you customize and configure your gaming peripherals. You can create custom profiles for your device, set up mouse polling rates, and even create your own bindings and macros.

Logitech Gaming Software is available for Windows and Mac OS. You can download and install the software from the Logitech website.

Logitech Gaming software is a free, easy-to-use application that lets you customize and configure a variety of Logitech devices. It includes a handy keypress heat map function and keyboard shortcuts, and lets you monitor the battery life of your device. It can also be used to create profiles for your favorite games.

Wireless versatility

Despite the competition, Logitech has kept their head above water in the peripheral space. They’ve recently launched two new enterprise-grade mouse and keyboard packages aimed at increasing employee productivity. They’re also compatible with Logi’s own Logi Options+ software, which helps IT administrators configure app parameters to meet corporate needs.

The Logi MK650 combination, for example, boasts a host of features including SmartWheel technology, one-key productivity shortcuts, and Logi Bolt wireless security. It also features a contoured mouse and soft-touch palm rest. The Logi MX Master 2S is a good choice for gamers who want to use a wireless mouse while on the go. It supports Logitech’s unifying receiver, and is built to last. It also supports Bluetooth technology, which is great for pairing it with other Logi devices.


Whether you are looking to record a podcast or simply need to create a quick memo, the Logitech microphone is a solid choice. They come with noise-canceling technology and two adjustable controls, making them ideal for all sorts of uses.

Unlike other USB microphones, the Logitech microphone doesn’t require you to download any software. It works through a USB port and is certified by Skype. It has a lighted power switch and an eight-foot USB cable.

The Logitech microphone has an elegant design that looks great in any room. It features an advanced digital USB connection, which provides crystal clear online conversations.

The microphone also comes with noise-canceling technology and a lighted power switch, so you can turn it on and off at will. It has two adjustable controls, making it easy to find the right volume level for your needs.

Multi-key macros

Using multi-key macros for logitech is a great way to get a few of the best features of your gaming keyboard without having to resort to a full-blown keyboard and mouse. These tools are great for completing repetitive tasks or just for the fun of it. They’re also useful for more advanced gaming, allowing you to use your keys to perform complex tasks, such as navigating your way through a game or performing complex actions, like pressing a key several times.

A multi-key macro is a type of script that can perform multiple actions. The most important feature of this type of software is the ability to assign a script to one or more keys on your keyboard.


Streamlabs, a leading provider of live streaming tools, has agreed to be acquired by Logitech International S.A., a Swiss-American multinational manufacturer of computer peripherals. The deal, which is expected to close in the coming weeks, will net Logitech a significant software maker.

Streamlabs has developed live-streaming software for mobile devices. Its popular Streamlabs OBS app helps streamers set up streams and engage with viewers. It also processes tipping, which is one of the most popular ways to generate revenues for live streamers. Many broadcasters use Streamlabs tools. The Streamlabs brand will remain intact under Logitech.

Logitech has been pushing into the streaming space for a while. Last year, the company acquired Blue Microphones, which sells USB mics for content creators. It also acquired Astro Gaming, a leading developer of video conferencing and gaming hardware.

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